Easy Cinnamon Rolls


Okay, let’s just talk about cinnamon rolls for a minute. Scratch that, let’s just make them and eat them.

Give me a cinnamon roll and a cup of coffee and….mmmmm…I am one happy girl. I think cinnamon rolls have to be ranked #1 of all the foods or at least very close. I mean really. Cinnamon rolls are amazing just about however they come. Some of the best I’ve had though are Old West Cinnamon Rolls in Pismo Beach, California. A close second are the ones from Legacy Bagelry in Springfield, Missouri. Oh yeah, you can be sure everywhere we travel, I’m on a hunt to find the place with the best cinnamon rolls. My mom used to get those pop open, ready in 10 minutes cinnamon roll cans every now and then growing up, and that was such a fun treat. Even the McDonald’s cinna-minis are amazing–have you had them?? Okay, but not the Little Debbies ones, I draw the line there.

Alright enough talk let’s just get back to making them.

I found this recipe a few months ago and love it! It is so much easier and faster than most other recipes I’ve found. Start to finish, these rolls can be done in about an hour, or less if you’re quick. They only require 20 minutes of rising time! Plus, they’re delicious!

Go ahead and try them. You can thank me later. Just kidding. 😉