Avion Tour

Maybe it’s because this trailer house has become Home Sweet Home to us, or maybe the tiny home concept is just cool to me, either way I love getting a tour of other people’s small living spaces. So if you’re like me, maybe you’ll enjoy this little tour of our Avion trailer. I didn’t deep clean or anything to take these photos, so keep in mind we live here. πŸ™‚

Randy and I have done quite a lot of work on this trailer, and there are still things we could do to it to improve it, but for now, we’re pretty happy with it.

Here’s the outside of it captured by the lovelyΒ Whitney.


As you walk in the door, immediately to your left is our dinette. Nolan’s highchair recently made it’s appearance and it fits pretty nicely on the bench. I just have to put a towel underneath so his tiny messy fingers don’t stain the cushions.


Across from the dinette is the kitchen area and then down the hall are closets, bathroom and bedroom.


You might accidently trip over this cutie in our small space. He makes his way around the trailer quite fast these days.


As you come in the door, to the right is our living area. The sofa is built in and pulls out to a full size bed, and also has great storage underneath.


We keep Nolan’s toys in a basket in here, but he’s usually not too interested in them. He would rather be up and about exploring.


Back to the bedroom end of the trailer, we’ve tweaked Nolan’s baby bed and created a co-sleeper. It has worked out pretty well, though he normally ends up in the bed with us. πŸ˜‰ I’m sure it won’t last too much longer as he gets older, but it’s fine for now.


This trailer feel like home to us and will always hold such sweet memories. I will never regret the time we have lived in it and travelled with it, and quite honestly would recommend this kind of adventure to anyone!


Nolan Scott 7 Months

The light is one of the things I love most about our tiny house. The Avion has windows all over it which allows the sun to stream in very nicely. The other morning, I had my “big camera” out and took advantage of some of that lovely light and snapped these photos of my sweet little guy.

I can’t believe he’s 7 months already! Here are some of his accomplishments if you’re interested. πŸ˜‰

  • 16 lbs, 28in long
  • he’s crawling
  • pulling himself up to a standing position
  • sits up on his own
  • eats his pureed sweet potatoes, green beans, peas and carrots, and his new favorite: butternut squash.
  • he loves getting into the trash (we’re working on that)
  • he recently experienced his first swing and slide and loved it
  • he’s babbling da da da, ma ma ma and of course we like to think he’s saying mom and dad. πŸ˜›
  • he’s definitely not sleeping through the night :/
  • he gets so excited when daddy comes home and crawls straight to him when the door opens.

All in all, he’s a cutie and a very sweet boy!

Four Years

4 years ago

The last four years have been some of the best of my life! It’s difficult to not sound cliche when talking about how thankful I am for my husband and my little family. So I’ll just say I’m more in love with Randy now than when I said “I do.” ❀

And though this year’s anniversary celebration didn’t involve a romantic getaway, we got to celebrate with this little squish. πŸ˜‰

modeling his new beanie. such a ham. πŸ˜‰

We had a fun family weekend starting out with a trip to the coffee shop for lattes and then to the park for a little walk, and then ordering Greek food for dinner to go along with a RedBox (super romantic, I know). The next morning we went for a family run (those are my favorite because then Randy can push the stroller. πŸ˜‰ ). After our jog, we tried out a local breakfast place and then headed to the pumpkin patch. Nolan really was having a fun time, honest! πŸ˜€

Overall, I would say it was a wonderful 4 year anniversary celebration! πŸ™‚

his grumpy face kills me. πŸ˜€

Just a Little Update in Photos

We’ve moved along again.

Since we discovered on our last road trips that Nolan very much dislikes his carseat after like 30 minutes, we decided to do our trip from Mississippi to South Carolina during the night.

It was a great success. We made good time and Nolan only woke up about twice to eat. Randy and I, however, survived on Peanut M&Ms, coffee, and gummy bears. We made it to a SC rest area at 5 am and crashed in the trailer for a few hours of sleep. After more naps and dinner with Mark and Sherry, we drove the last couple hours to our current city.

Once again we’re grateful for safety over so many miles! God has been so faithful on each of our trips to keep all 3 vehicles in good working order. We were especially grateful we both missed the deer that darted out in front of the trailer somewhere on I-85. πŸ™‚

This boy clearly has no personality. πŸ˜‰

Handmade Baby Toys (Part 2)


I wish I had made this baby mobile when Nolan was first born, I think he would have really liked seeing the colors and movement early on. He has been enjoying it now, and Β I even caught him rolling over from his tummy to look up at it during nap time one day. πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

This project was very simple and low cost. I had everything already on hand, but the materials I used were:

  • various colors yarn
  • bakers twine (like this)
  • old wooden hoop (I probably got it at a thrift store for 25 cents a while ago)
  • pom pom maker likeΒ this oneΒ but you can also make pom poms with a fork or even your fingers.





Handmade Baby Toys (Part One)


Randy and I both love working with our hands, so when it comes to baby toys we think, we could make that! I saw a wooden baby gym online and I thought it was so unique and cute and then I thought, how hard could it be?? πŸ˜‰ Of course projects always seem to take longer than expected, but it is definitely fun too! Something we have to remind ourselves when it comes to handmade is, it’s notΒ alwaysΒ cheaper to DIY. This project cost around $25-$35. But we made it so it can easily come apart to store it if we don’t want it taking up space in the trailer all of the time. So customization is definitely an upside of doing it yourself. And though I’ve seen baby gyms in the $25-$35 range, a wooden one like this would cost over $100! So in that sense, we saved money. πŸ™‚animals


I realized after taking these photos that we have a lot of different wood shades going on in the trailer. Oops. πŸ™‚