Fall Tradition

Every year that Randy and I have been married, we have found a pumpkin patch of some kind to go to, even if we just pick out a couple tiny pumpkins. It’s a festive, fun time for our little family.

I came acrossย this postย from our pumpkin outing last year, and wow has Nolan changed in a year. We went toย Stewart Farmsย for the 2nd time and really enjoyed it. Nolan loved pushing the wheel barrow and carrying his pumpkin around. I think it’s a tradition will continue to keep! ๐Ÿ™‚



Our New Old House

It’s definitely been quiet in this space for a while. I realized my last post was of Zambia, and in all reality we’ve hardly stopped for a break since getting back.

We’re so thankful God provided this house for us. The closing went smoothly and we started making plans for renovation that night.

The house was built in the 60s and definitely needs updating, but we decided for now that we would just focus on the kitchen and getting all the walls and ceilings painted. Mark took measurements of the kitchen right away and figured out a good layout for new cabinets and had them ordered within days. Randy and Mark spent a few nights installing cabinets while I picked out granite and we discussed flooring options.

We decided to go with a smooth concrete finish because a) we’re fans of concrete and b) it saved us around $500-600. ๐Ÿ™‚

The home has beautiful original wood floors that are surprisingly in great shape so we are really happy we don’t have to refinish those right now. The fireplace mantle is also a beautiful dark wood, but just needed a little love. Nolan was my little helper with that. ๐Ÿ™‚

We’ve had the house 4 weeks and have spent the majority of our evenings and weekends working so we can move in asap. Mark and Sherry have helped us A TON. Other friends have been very sweet to volunteer their time as well.

As of right now, we are waiting on granite to be installed in a few days and the concrete floors to cure before we add sealer. All the painting is done and we’ve started cleaning some of the rooms that are completed. After the granite is installed, we’ll just have to add backsplash, sink, and cabinet knobs. It’s so exciting seeing how close we are to moving in. But it has been a fun experience doing these things together.

The day we closed on our house.
Nolan helping me sand the fireplace mantle.


Before Sherry and I knocked out the wall.
Tearing down the old cabinets.
New cabinets!


Custom concrete kitchen floors.


Watching 2 babies and painting can be a challenge especially when they both want to sit on me at the same time. ๐Ÿ™‚ย 
Baby Einstein is a lifesaver at times. ๐Ÿ˜‰
It’s a mess, but it’s looking so much better!


Here are a few pictures of our time in Zambia. What a great experience! It’s kind of a culture shock coming back to the states and we were only gone 5 weeks! Ha! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hopefully someday we can go back to visit again. ๐Ÿ™‚

a local village
Shopping in the boma (Mwinilunga)


Randy, Nolan, and David
Canoeing on the Lunga
Sunday before church
Sugar Cane
Nolan, Raechel, Rontina, Anita, and Abigail
The kids loved taking walks
David and Nolan
where a lot of the cooking, washing and laundry takes place
Rontina doing dishes
Sweet, sweet kids
The plot


Sable at Nkwaji Wildlife Reserve
more wildlife

Easter 2016

Just popping in to add a few photos from yesterday. This little guy was looking quite dapper in his new shirt. He’s such a happy boy and smiles and laughs all the time! His new favorite trick is wiggling his tongue back and forth making noises with it. ๐Ÿ˜› 

He has become such a climber too. We can’t even contain him in his high hair anymore. He really is a joy to have around. ๐Ÿ™‚ โค


Avion Tour

Maybe it’s because this trailer house has become Home Sweet Home to us, or maybe the tiny home concept is just cool to me, either way I love getting a tour of other people’s small living spaces. So if you’re like me, maybe you’ll enjoy this little tour of our Avion trailer. I didn’t deep clean or anything to take these photos, so keep in mind we live here. ๐Ÿ™‚

Randy and I have done quite a lot of work on this trailer, and there are still things we could do to it to improve it, but for now, we’re pretty happy with it.

Here’s the outside of it captured by the lovelyย Whitney.


As you walk in the door, immediately to your left is our dinette. Nolan’s highchair recently made it’s appearance and it fits pretty nicely on the bench. I just have to put a towel underneath so his tiny messy fingers don’t stain the cushions.


Across from the dinette is the kitchen area and then down the hall are closets, bathroom and bedroom.


You might accidently trip over this cutie in our small space. He makes his way around the trailer quite fast these days.


As you come in the door, to the right is our living area. The sofa is built in and pulls out to a full size bed, and also has great storage underneath.


We keep Nolan’s toys in a basket in here, but he’s usually not too interested in them. He would rather be up and about exploring.


Back to the bedroom end of the trailer, we’ve tweaked Nolan’s baby bed and created a co-sleeper. It has worked out pretty well, though he normally ends up in the bed with us. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m sure it won’t last too much longer as he gets older, but it’s fine for now.


This trailer feel like home to us and will always hold such sweet memories. I will never regret the time we have lived in it and travelled with it, and quite honestly would recommend this kind of adventure to anyone!


We just bought plane tickets to Africa!

Randy and I have dreamed/planned/hoped to go to Africa “someday” ever since we got married. And for some reason, right after Nolan was born we said, let’s go to Zambia! Having a baby does things to you, I’m telling you. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We’ve prayed and God has provided to this point, and so for 5 weeks this spring we’ll be in Zambia, Africa.

The largest portion of our time there will be spent helping with the construction and development of a children’s home. And since both sets of Randy’s grandparents have been missionaries there, he has many relatives in the area that we hope to see as well.

We’re pretty excited about this upcoming adventure!



Nolan Scott 7 Months

The light is one of the things I love most about our tiny house. The Avion has windows all over it which allows the sun to stream in very nicely. The other morning, I had my “big camera” out and took advantage of some of that lovely light and snapped these photos of my sweet little guy.

I can’t believe he’s 7 months already! Here are some of his accomplishments if you’re interested. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • 16 lbs, 28in long
  • he’s crawling
  • pulling himself up to a standing position
  • sits up on his own
  • eats his pureed sweet potatoes, green beans, peas and carrots, and his new favorite: butternut squash.
  • he loves getting into the trash (we’re working on that)
  • he recently experienced his first swing and slide and loved it
  • he’s babbling da da da, ma ma ma and of course we like to think he’s saying mom and dad. ๐Ÿ˜›
  • he’s definitely not sleeping through the night :/
  • he gets so excited when daddy comes home and crawls straight to him when the door opens.

All in all, he’s a cutie and a very sweet boy!