Just a Little Update in Photos

We’ve moved along again.

Since we discovered on our last road trips that Nolan very much dislikes his carseat after like 30 minutes, we decided to do our trip from Mississippi to South Carolina during the night.

It was a great success. We made good time and Nolan only woke up about twice to eat. Randy and I, however, survived on Peanut M&Ms, coffee, and gummy bears. We made it to a SC rest area at 5 am and crashed in the trailer for a few hours of sleep. After more naps and dinner with Mark and Sherry, we drove the last couple hours to our current city.

Once again we’re grateful for safety over so many miles! God has been so faithful on each of our trips to keep all 3 vehicles in good working order. We were especially grateful we both missed the deer that darted out in front of the trailer somewhere on I-85. 🙂

This boy clearly has no personality. 😉

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