More Family Photos


My friend Whitney, who shot some great family photos for us just posted more on her site if your’re interested in seeing more cute baby chub. 😉

You can find them here: Whitney Donae Photography

And let me also just say, if you are in South Carolina, I can not recommend her enough for photo sessions! (And I’m not getting paid to say this, haha!)


Homemade Bug Spray

 Mosquitoes are pretty bad here (in Mississippi).  So I did a little research, gathered a few basic supplies and essential oils and decided to make my own bug spray.

Here’s how I made it:

1.5 oz Distilled Water

1.5 oz Witch Hazel

4 drops Thieves Essential Oils (it’s a blend by Young Living)

4 drops Purification (another Young Living Essential oils blend)

4 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

Shake it all up in a 3-4 oz spray bottle and it smells great and works great!

Aunties and Uncles

The Friday night before Labor Day, Randy called me on his way home from work as I was about to throw some hot dogs on the grill and said, “I have the whole weekend off including Monday, do you want to go to Dallas?” (It was a pretty big deal he had so many days off since they’ve been pulling 60 hour work weeks on this project in Mississippi.)

And since we’re the crazy type, we loaded up the car and left for our 8 hour road trip to Dallas when Randy got home. It was a great weekend introducing Nolan to many of his Aunties and Uncles that he hadn’t met yet. But we’ve since decided NO MORE ROAD TRIPS UNLESS ABSOLUTELY necessary. Haha. Little fella has decided he hates being in the car. 😦 Not a good thing to decide, buddy, when your parents travel all.the.time. 😛

missing 3 siblings
I kinda like these people. 🙂


A Clean Page

I’m starting fresh with a new site!

I don’t claim to be an accomplished writer. I just want a place to record our little adventures traveling the country in a 1984 Avion, loving married life and raising our little boy. Occasionally I like throwing in some new recipe I’m cooking, lesson I’m learning, or craft I’m making.

Follow along if you please. 🙂